An offer for those who have reached retirement age and want to stay fit in a social and enjoyable environment. Here you will experience varied training that emphasizes strength, mobility and functionality.

Spicheren wants more seniors to stay physically active for longer, and we therefore undertake separate fitness programs for seniors with a training supervisor present. Although we all age differently, it is clear that regular physical activity reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke and also helps us live longer and feel better.

Exercise is beneficial no matter what age you are, therefore; it is never too late to start training. Elderly people who have not properly exercised for 20 years or more can recover and maintain optimal fitness levels in just two months. Studies have shown that this applies even to 100-year-olds. Source: State Health Directorate


Exercise hours:

Monday from 09.00-09.45 Strength and Cardio, Hall 2

Tuesday 08.00-09.00 Cycling and ‘Strong with Rod’, Hall 1, Arne Johan

Wednesday 09.00-09.45 Strength and Cardio, Hall 2

Thursday 08.00-09.00 30 minutes of cycling and 30 minutes of stomach and back training. Arne Johan, Cycling Hall and Hall 1

Friday 09.00-09.45 Strength and Cardio, Hall 2