Climbing wall

Spicheren offers a fantastic climbing wall with widely varying gradients. We also have a bouldering room where both young and old can exercise and unwind. Bouldering is a low-altitude climbing without a fuse and takes place in a separate room with thick foam mattress padding. At Spicheren, both beginners and skilled climbers will experience plentiful challenges.

About the climbing wall at Spicheren

The tallest wall is 12 meters and has an overhang that will be challenging even for the most experienced of climbers. There are several route alternatives and these are regularly changed to maximize variety.

The wall is designed and built with different grips, heights and difficulty levels. It should be possible for everyone to reach the top in of some parts of the wall.

If you have completed your courses and wish to practice before the proficiency tests, self-declaration can be digitally signed below. This also applies to people who climb with a partner with a top rope certification/ brattkort (steep certification).


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